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Burger lijkt klaar voor nep-burgers

14-09-2018 - 5 reacties Naast de berichten dat McDonalds en Smullers nep-burgers op hun menu hebben staan zijn de reacties op dit artikel:

Burgers grown in a lab are heading to your plate. Will you bite?…

..redelijk verontrustend voor de vleesveehouder.

De consument lijkt gewoon klaar te zijn voor een in de fabriek geproduceerd alternatief.

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Had an impossible burger from a place here in California called Marty's. My review of it? The meat industry has 5 years to figure out wtf their gonna do with all those cows nobody is gonna eat anymore. The impossible burger was far more filling and beyond more delicious than a normal burger.
Im fucking serious too. If any heads of the meat industry are reading this I suggest you sell all your assets and invest in this miracle or you're gonna be working in a restaurant cooking the very thing that destroyed you.

Hell yeah! Gimme future burgers, as long as they taste like past burgers.
I tried the impossible burger (having done no research, believing the only way a burger could possibly be impossible would be if it was literally grown out of a petri dish) and was very disappointed with the reality of textured corn and soy protein...
I want real impossible food like lab grown meats, buggalo bbq and poplars!

I mean... Why wouldn't you? It's literally the same substance, just that one came from a living animal that had to be slaughtered and one came from a lab.
Even putting aside the morality of it, the environmental implications are huge, aren't they? Surely growing meat in a lab is vastly more efficient than raising fields full of cattle, all of them farting out green house gases?
As a heavy meat eater I'd prefer my food not to suffer, but reducing green house gases alone should be the largest, and honestly only, reason needed to embrace large scale cultured meat production.
As long as it looks and tastes the same and has no negative side effects, I don't see why anyone wouldn't switch.

It really baffles me how people are second thinking this? Like; you would rather eat a dead animal with all sorts of possible contaminations than a lab sourced meat? Really? I really can't wrap my head around that. People are weird.

Hoe denken jullie dat dit zich gaat ontwikkelen?